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Plane Talk - What I can and can't have in my hand luggage

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Date: 6/24/2016
What can and can't you take in your hand luggage?
Sure, we all know the obvious ones - no scissors! But certain sports equipment?
Chaitan Jain, from IATA, shares with us some of the more surprising items you're not supposed to pack in your hand luggage on the Mid Morning Mix.
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Forgot to leave your Swiss army knife at home? Want to file your nails on the plane? Don't say we didn't warn you! Follow these tips to make sure your hand-luggage gets through airport security quickly and easily.
- No sharp objects! - Some governments have directed that for safety reasons all knives, sharp objects, or cutting implements of any kind, length, or material (including some sporting goods) must be packed in checked baggage. In some cases that even includes corkscrews, razors, nail files, and scissors. These articles will likely be removed and not returned - so when in doubt, check it.
- Medical necessities - If you require the use of medical syringes in flight, such as for insulin, you need documented proof of the medical need and must ensure that the material is professionally packed and labelled. If it is not, the medication will likely be removed.
- Small liquids only - Limited quantities of liquids (100 ml or less) may be carried through airport security into the departure lounge. This includes bottled drinks, suntan lotion, fragrances, cosmetics, and toiletries.
- Watch out for duty-free - If you fancy buying alcohol in the airport duty-free shops and have connecting flights, make sure your cherished purchases won’t be confiscated at the connecting airport security checkpoints.
- There is no standard hand luggage size - Airlines set their own cabin baggage rules depending on the space available in their aircrafts so there is not one set size across airlines. Check with your airline to find their specific policies.
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